Caleb Evers

Badge #: 21084

Actor: Matt Lauria
Age: 25
First Appearance: Pilot
Affiliations: Chicago Police Department
Occupation(s): Detective
Relatives: none
Caleb Evers is a young homicide detective who is Jarek Wysocki's new and latest partner, and impresses both Wysocki (despite the fact Evers is also a Cubs fan) and Colvin with his observational skills. Caleb is an eager young detective trying desperately to prove himself to the legendary Wysocki. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and has a pending application to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, something that Jarek continually holds over his head. Caleb is single and often trying to pick up girls while on the job.


Caleb is 5'7", always is clean shaved and usually wears grey trousers with a shirt and tie. He wears a watch on his left wrist.