Jarek Wysocki.

Badge #: 5533

Actor: Jason Clarke
Age: 33
First Appearance: Pilot
Affiliations: Chicago Police Department
Occupation(s): Detective
Relatives: Vonda Wysocki
Jarek Wysocki is a tough Chicago Polish-American homicide detective seen as a local legendary figure and a larger-than-life veteran of the Chicago Police Department in the department, who wields considerable power thanks to his relationship with ex-partner Teresa Colvin, the first female superintendent. He hates profanity, loves the White Sox, and has a hard time finding a partner who can keep up with him on the streets of the city so he has detectives who can't make "the cut" reassigned "at each other's mutual request." Jarek works the streets on a crusade to clean up corruption and crime, but he's also out to avenge his brother's murder. He and Colvin were partnered when starting out as officers, and they share a close friendship, leading her to give him the authority to take over investigations of other officers' cases. In the Pilot episode, Jarek agrees to lead a special task force to finally expose Alderman Ronin Gibbons for his graft. After a rigorous testing period, he decides to keep newcomer Caleb Evers as his partner when Caleb's instincts that about Liam Hennessey prove to be spot on. Jarek has a son and ex-wife Dina, whom he's sleeping with, despite the fact that he has a financé. Most of his life is dedicated to his job as a police detective. He has a son, "J.J." but it seems they spend little time together.


Jarek is a caucasian male. He is 6"2'. He has brown eyes and short brown hair. He has a clean shave. he also has a watch on his left wrist.